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Digital Circuit for RGB LED with control bus

Introduction to ISELED

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ISELED is an open alliance with the objective to provide a complete system solution for automotive lighting solutions. The alliance has been anounced on November 8th, 2016 in Munich including a revolutionary system approach for automotive interior lighting. First products are expected to sample end of Q1 2017.


ISELED open alliance


The alliance can be joined by any interested party. Please contact Inova Semiconductors or any other alliance member


Mored Details about ISELED can be obtained by watching the following interview:

Interview (German Language)


Digital LED system solution


  • Integration of LEDs, LED controller and advanced communication link in one small 3 mm package
    • system cost reduction
  • Calibration of LED and driver during production process of LED module
    • no binning classes, no bar coding – calibration data stored in LED
    • no look up tables in µC anymore
    • system assembly using LED from the tape with guaranteed parameters
  • Bi-directional communication between µC and LED module with lowest latencies
    • EMI robust design based on 2 Mbit/s communication - no dedicated clock
    • LED temperature can be diagnosed individually by µC
    • efficient use of bandwidth due to individual addressing of each LED


  • Automotive Interior Lighting
  • Automotive Ambient Lighting
  • Roof Lighting