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All APIX Products

The APIX interface technology of the first generation (APIX) and of the second generation (APIX2) has been adopted by a selected number of semiconductor companies in different products. In the following there is a table overview of all availabale products from Inova, Fujitsu Semiconductors, Analog Devices, Spansion and Toshiba with APIX technology.

Vendor  APIX1APIX2Video PortsHDCP 1.4Ethernet
InovaINAP125T12APIX Transmitter1 1 RGBnono
InovaINAP125T24APIX Transmitter1 1 RGBnono
InovaINAP125R24APIX Receiver1 1 RGBnono
InovaINAP375TAPIX2 Transmitter112 RGB/LVDSnoyes
InovaINAP375RAPIX2 Receiver112 RGB/LVDSnoyes
InovaINAP375TAQAPIX2 Transmitter112 RGB/LVDSnoyes
InovaINAP375RAQAPIX2 Receiver112 RGB/LVDSnoyes
InovaINAP378TAQAPIX2 Transmitter 11 RGBnoyes
InovaINAP378RAQAPIX2 Receiver 11 RGBnoyes
InovaINAP395RAPIX2 Receiver 12 RGB/LVDSyesyes
SocionextMB88F332Display SoC (Indigo)1 RGB/RSDSnono
SocionextMB88F333Display SoC (Indigo)1 RGB/RSDSnono
SocionextMB86R02Graphic SoC (Jade)2 RGB/RSDSnono
SocionextMB86R12Graphic SoC (Emerald)44RGB/RSDSnoyes
SocionextMB86R91APXI Companion Chip
SocionextMB88F336Display SoC (Indigo 2)11RGB/LVDS/RSDSnoyes
SocionextMB88F334Display SoC (Indigo 2)11LVDS/RSDSyesyes
ADIADV7682HDMI-APIX Bridge112 HDMIyesyes
ADIADV7680HDMI-APIX Bridge111 HDMIyesyes
ADIADV7782APIX-CSI-2 Bridge 12 CSI-2yesyes
CypressMB91F467S32bit MCU1  nono
CypressMB9DF12632bit MCU (Atlas)1  nono
Toshiba Display SoC1  nono